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Karongi District is one of the seven Districts which comprise the Western Province and is the seat of the Provincial headquarters. It is situated at the centre of the Province; to its north is Rutsiro and Ngororero Districts ; to the South, it borders Nyamasheke and Nyamagabe Districts ; to the East are Districts of Muhanga and Ruhango and to the West it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The District has a population of 279.135 inhabitants of whom 122.811 are males and 156.324 are females, which makes the District population 78% masculine. The population is distributed into 59.450 homes translating into a family size of about five persons. The District has surface area of 993 km2 and is subdivided into 13 administrative Sectors (MUTUNTU, RUGANDA, MURUNDI, RUGABANO, RUBENGERA, BWISHYURA, GASHARI, MURAMBI, GITESI, RWANKUBA, TWUMBA, GISHYITA, MUBUGA), 88 Cells, 539 Villages(imidugudu). It has a high population density of about 281 inhabitants par km2.